We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Thank you so much for everything today!! Your support and kindness was amazing and meant so much to me. I couldn't have had a better experience with having to say good bye to Jake today!! I thought you might enjoy seeing a few pictures of Jake, from vet today .. other life moments and even a video of him catching his favorite blue sheep toy. Jake was such a unique spirit.. and I am so grateful to have found you guys! I love the tin, the medallion & paw print wrapped with ribbon felt like a gift. You do amazing service & are such a blessing. Thank you again so much. "Korbi" Deann Korbutt Post about Jake on IG: Jake is in kitty heaven😘💕 last moments together at vet today. Jake 🐈 05.26.18 - 05.05.20 aka: Jakie Beans, Baby Jake, Jakie, Jakesie, Beancake, Beanie, Beans, Baby Bean, shelter name: Carl Jake, I will love you always! I miss you so much already! I will never forget you & always remember you for your love of the outdoors, leash walks, tree climbing, car ride adventures, park trails, pet store fun, restaurant patio lounging, tunnel love with your gf Josie, playdates with paw & human friends, lazy days in your hammock, morning tea on the porch, very own cat language, love of blue sheep & worm toy, kisses you gave me every day, insane cuddles, fly-bys to wake me up in mornings, paws on my leg to ask for things, always wanting to be near me even in studio apt, greeting me at door every time, games of hide & go seek, fetch, paper bags & catching mr blue sheep... And oh so much more💕 👉See video

Deann K. May 06, 2020

My father was a crane operator working out of town in Cross South Carolina. He died unexpectedly and not in our home state of North Carolina. My mother and sister were trying to figure out taking care of dad’s final arrangements, imagine now not our home state , never had to handle anything like this and we are talking about the love of her life here. Charleston cremation center was highly recommended by someone In The begging of the process. My mother and sister met the owner he was sweet to them ,Mark I believe his name was took the time to tell my momma the position he held in The past and why he was in this business today. He talked about pricing and went from least expensive and then up. He did not make her feel pressured in any way. He also made sure my mother got a flag presented to her( he totally did all the work and did not charge her extra). He was very helpful and gave mom lots of advice on things that were out of his normal scope of business. My mom was so tickled that when Mark looked at my dads license he said, “wow that’s a cool looking dude”. My mom and sister looked like they had a ton of weight off their shoulders showing me the paperwork from The crematory. When I first got to Cross after they met Mark they handed me a folder and said dad is in great hands and everything is going to be ok. We KNOW he is in good hands now and don’t have to worry about dad being mishandled mixed up and all the 1000 things that’s are goin thru your mind when u are faced with handling final arrangements of a loved one. I can honestly tell u to this day when my mom speaks of Charles cremation center she cries. She says that place was awesome and they were so good to me. Mark was very informative every step of the way. We were scared ,out of state and just wanted to feel that dad was going to be in good hands and not have his body mishandled, mixed up etc. My mom even purchased more temporary death certificates then we needed just cause she liked Mark and said I wanted to make him have more money for not taking advantage of us. Now we got to see my dad before the cremation. They cleaned my fathers body up beautifully. Trimmed his beard and when I tell u they did an amazing job on him I mean I can’t even find the words to describe what an outstanding job they did... My dad looked so so very beautiful. They even placed the sweetest smile on his face. It looked how he looked when he was about to wink and grin at us I was so impressed with the work this place did I felt they deserved to get a public comment from my family. Please if u are going through a loss and don’t know where to go and you are scared that you can not trust the workers of a facility like this. You have to let them handle it. They are the best no high pressure sales no guilt trips because you didn’t spend the most on top notch everythingz. they will make you’re process smoothe and no extra stress. They were a godsend. They didn’t rush us when we got to see my dad for his viewing. My mother is not easy to deal with at times and sometimes has a hard time understanding what she is told they really took there time to make sure she’s understood the process. This company goes above and beyond and I can’t tell u enough how they helped my family get through some of the worst days of our lives. Professional, kind and down to earth staff. Every time we talk about them my mother cries and says how awesome they were to her. I can’t not thank them enough. I got you are not sure where’s to take your lived one u have to choose this place. They are good people and treat your loved ones with the respect and dignity . They really give u a feeling of trust an someone that your loved one will be in good hands. They are also very affordable and do not take advantage of people when they are vulnerable. Choose this place and u will not go wrong I promise....

Rachel GRiffin September 25, 2018

Mark and the employees at Charleston Cremation Center are great. Mark is an amazing individual. He helped my family with the process and the dicisions to be made after our mother had passed. Never once did we feel uncomfortable or second guess anything. He truly put our families needs first and not his business. When we called originally Alton was completely upfront and everything he stated was the same when it came time to sign paperwork with Mark. I am not a person to do reviews but I felt it necessary to do this one. Thank you for being there for me and my family. You made a difference and I am glad that we chose your company. Sincerely, The a Rydelek Family

THOMAS Rydelek January 07, 2018

My sister, Marcia M. Mitchell, passed away on October 25th,2017. Her daughter, Tracy Keim, was dealing with cremation. She had a chance to pick whom she would deal with. I have to say she made the best choice. Marcus Yocum was so kind and personable. My sister and I went with Tracy to pick up the beautiful container with Marcia’s ashes enclosed. I can’t thank Marcus for making Tracy, Peggy, and me feel so comfortable. It is nice to know there are such caring people. Thank you again!

Susan Thomas October 28, 2017

I would definitely recommend Charleston Cremation Center & Funeral Home!...They were professional, caring and thoughtful during our time of grief...They walked us through the process and handled every detail...Alton and Mark were there for us...

Donald D. April 16, 2017

My husband passed away this past month and not being from Charleston I didn't even know where to start. By recommendation from a friend I called Charleston Cremation Center. From the phone call to the interview I felt nothing but support. I can't express how different my experience was because of the kindness I received. The cost of the services I received was incredible. Also the list of people and organizations I needed to contact of my husband's passing was so helpful. This isn't a requirement of a facility it is just nice. I wouldn't recommend anyone else to help with such a sensitive crucial time in my life. Thank you so much.

Tina Daigle February 25, 2017

The staff at Charleston Cremation Center were so comforting and helpful! As a person in my early 20's, I felt unsure about the process of losing a parent and CCC helped me in any way that they could. They have reasonable prices and I was treated with much respect and compassion, which was much needed.

Kelsey G. Of Ridgeville, SC May 16, 2016

Thank you so much for the care, love and concern your business showed us in our time of need. It's almost a shame to call it a business because you made my husband and me so welcome when we requested your services. During a very difficult time, you and your staff answered all of our questions, listened when we had stories to tell and used that information to help us make the choices for my Father-in-Law we know he would be happy we made. From the bottom of our hearts, we will always be grateful that our paths crossed. I will recommend you to anyone who needs your professional services. Thank you and God bless.

Katie and Bob A. of Goose Creek, SC March 18, 2016

"I cannot say enough about Mark & the entire staff. They were so incredibly kind, respectful and compassionate to me during my time of grief. Thank you so much!!"

Laura C. of Mount Pleasant, SC February 02, 2016

"I would like to thank the staff at Charleston Cremation Center for the wonderful treatment I received when I lost my husband. Marc was very helpful and always paid attention to every detail and he kept me informed every step of the way. Could not ask for more caring people! Thanks!"

Billie G. of Johns Island January 22, 2016

Our family on the day before Christmas 2015, had to make cremation arrangements for our father who passed away from Mesothelioma. We had him in hospice for the week before and I began looking around for prices. I was shocked exactly how much businesses were charging. I searched the internet and found Charleston Cremation Center which was a very wise decision. From the first contact to the last, professionalism was amazing! The staff covered every need with preparing him for a personal viewing with his wife on Christmas Eve. I have chosen them for the care of my family including our pets. Sometimes Pricing and Professionalism do not come together, but with Charleston Cremation Center it is the norm.

Neal A. of Charleston, SC December 30, 2015

"Took a tour today for two reasons: it seemed to be the responsible thing for me to do, with my parents getting older and being a mom myself, and also to support a new local business. Let me say, it was the most eye opening experience, I can't give it enough stars! Wonderful staff that explained the entire process and also gave me a tour of the entire facility. Wow, what a asset this business is to our community!"

Vanessa S. of Daniel Island, SC October 22, 2015

The people here at CCC Funeral Home were all so kind and understanding. They are there for both the Deceased and the surviving family. They were patient, took their time to collect all the information and offer a helping hand in our time of need. Very affordable, I only wish they were on the West Coast in Calif. . A peaceful and accommodating Funeral home who are there for the people. I would recommend CCC to any and all who need a caring company for their personal loss. Definitely a 5 Star treatment.

Pierre Yvon Nantell October 06, 2018

Words cannot express our gratitude for taking such good care of our dad. My family was treated with the upmost respect and honesty. My dad passed very quick and Marcus and his team took care of him like he was their own. Thank you so much for your time, patience and for making this process easier for us. God bless, Lee Ann and Anthony Petti

Lee Ann Zeoli June 27, 2018

We were very pleased with the level of professionalism and kindness in our time grief. Without hesitation I would use their services in the future.

Anita Krebs December 20, 2017

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Alton and the entire staff for everything they did to make the passing of my Father, Gary A. Scheuch as painless as possible. I lost a close family member only 9 months prior, and I am outraged at the way the other funeral home took advantage of us when we were grieving and for obvious reasons, not thinking clearly. Both my Father and my Uncle were cremated and the cost difference alone was mind boggling. I thought that $3000 plus for a basic cremation was industry standard. Imagine my surprise when Charleston Cremation Center only charged $700 for the cremation. I am still furious at the other funeral home on Hilton Head for what they did. They should be ashamed of themselves. Charleston Cremation Center is 100 percent top notch with all of the services that they offer and far more professional than the latter. Please do yourself a favor and intrust your loved one with CCC. You will not be disappointed!!!

Jamey Scheuch May 03, 2017

Thank you so much for all you did to prepare Mama for her funeral and drive her to Georgia. She looked so peaceful. You did a great job! Thank you also for all you did to help me in making arrangements! I highly recommend you to anyone who needs your services.

Pamela B. of West Columbia SC July 07, 2016

Dealing with the loss of our sister has not been easy, but I appreciate the compassion,kindness & service Marc & his staff provided for us during this tough time. Thank you & take care!

Terry S. of Hanahan, SC May 20, 2016

I wanted to thank you and your staff again for all of the attention we got from you guys last week during one of the most difficult weeks of my life. The ceremony was beautiful and the service was bar none. You really do have a beautiful place up there. It’s obvious that the primary reason you’re in business is the best interest of your customers. Please pass this on to the other folks on your staff as well. You put together an exceptional group of people. Also…the video was MUCH appreciated! You certainly went above and beyond providing that for us. I wish you and your staff the best of luck moving forward

Jason F. of Mt Pleasant,SC May 02, 2016

The Charleston Cremation Center CARES If it wasn’t for Marcus and his team I’m not sure how my sister would have been able to put her husband to rest due to the unfortunate situation. They were very compassionate and understanding of my sister’s circumstances during her difficult time. They lessened the load she was carrying. In addition to compassion they are dedicated and professional. Marcus and his team work hard to make clients comfortable with them by being down to earth and open. The funeral home is very bright and cheerful, this helps loved ones during this difficult time become a little more at easeI highly recommend this center for everyone needing these services. Thank You for all you have done.

Lora P. of Charleston, SC February 29, 2016

You guys are some of the best folks in the business. Everyone hates to talk about death, but one thing is for certain, it happens to all families. If you want caring, honesty, compassion, and understanding, not to mention affordability, with equality, then Charleston Cremation and Funeral Home is where you need to go. Alton,Marcus, and Rick know just how to help with any and every situation. They make you feel like they are family. Take a moment and take a virtual tour. Call them and talk. They do pre-arrangements. And there are so many ways to celebrate ones life these days. You will be amazed.

Jan B. of North Charleston, SC February 01, 2016

If you are reading this, you are probably going through a sad time in your family. By God’s grace, my family was directed to Charleston Cremation Center. I intended to call another Funeral Home but mistakenly dialed Charleston Cremation Center. Mark answered the phone….on a Sunday afternoon. After apologizing to him for dialing the wrong number, Mark was considerate and said should we need his service to call him. After calling the other Funeral Home, Mark called me back to give us advice in what was needed at Funeral Homes. Mark never solicited for our business. He was just a kind person who cared about grieving families. After meeting with the other Funeral Home, we decided to call this kind gentleman at Charleston Cremation Center. Our original reason we chose CCC was the affordable cost. We received so much more. When our mother passed away at Hospice House of Charleston on December 26, 2015, Mark and Rick were very quick to respond. They took my mother’s body in the most dignified and respectful way possible. For this I am very grateful. The next day my brothers and I met with Mark to confirm the arrangements. I cannot say enough about how Mark and his staff supported my family during this life changing event in our lives. We were treated with such amazing kindness. The environment at Charleston Cremation Center is peaceful and comforting. Our heartfelt thanks to Mark, Rick and Alton in the kind and compassionate care they gave to our mom and to us. Words cannot express how grateful we are to Charleston Cremation Center. Thank you so very much! The Family of Barbara Cox

Toni V. of Goose Creek SC January 07, 2016

"Mark is a great guy and know how to take care of a family through these difficult times."

Jeff R. of Mt. Pleasant, SC October 10, 2015

"May Every Special Thing You Do Bring Blessings in Return To You" Alton, "Thank you and your team at Charleston Cremation Center & Funeral Home for helping us through this hard time. We greatly appreciate everything you've done! Aaron and Tori Johnston

Tori and Aaron J. of Ladson, SC December 18, 2015